Room 803 at The Whitby Hotel

Sleeping Around

In this 'Sleeping Around' blog post we explore room 803 at The Whitby Hotel. This is a space that balances rich earthy tones with bold patterns and textures...

In this ‘Sleeping Around’ blog post we explore room 803 at The Whitby Hotel. This is a space that balances rich earthy tones with bold patterns and textures.

As you enter the space, you are met with an abundance of raspberry reds, forest greens and chalky blues. A calming colour trio. The walls have been covered in a wide stripe fabric by Colefax and Fowler. The structure and the choice of yarn helps diffuse the colour blocks within the stripe, creating a relaxed impression.

We have combined this floral fabric with our Ashenwood geometric print. We have used Ashenwood for the curtains and on the backs of the chairs to create a harmonious flow throughout the room.

In a room with multiple patterns, you should introduce some plain textiles and neutral tones to hold the scheme together. On each chair we have included an aqua wool with burgundy red leather piping. We love combining geometric and organic patterns. Despite their differences, they can engage in cordial bliss. Find our guide to mixing geometric and organic patterns here.

The sofa has been upholstered in EDIT’s floral print ‘Vanessa Bloom’ which invokes the spirit of the Bloomsbury Group. We are obsessed with its painterly strokes and this has to be one of our all-time favourite fabric designs.

Head through to the bedroom and you’ll find an upholstered headboard and windows dressed with a contemporary fabric design. It depicts a series of colourful vases with ivory flowers and foliage that are illustrated with crewelwork. It bursts with charming character.

Our love for The Bloomsbury Group continues with the ‘Jelly Roll’ rug, inspired by Duncan Grant’s studio in Charleston House. Part of our collection with Annie Selke, this timeless geometric block pattern is a nod to old world charm with a contemporary twist. Designed in candy coloured pinks, greens and blues, ‘Jelly Roll’ is a delight to the senses and adds eclectic flair and appeal to a room. It’s the perfect rug to centre your scheme around when creating that Bloomsbury look we all adore! Find the collection at Shop Kit Kemp.

We have added a solid border around the headboard to frame it against the striped walls. This simple design tactic prevents the headboard from getting lost. We couldn’t resist including the same burgundy red leather piping to heighten a connection with the surrounding items of furniture.

Crittall doors open upon an outdoor terrace, complete with a dining area and planters bursting full of greenery. This is an unexpected haven in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Thank you for visiting this new scheme with us in room 803. Join Kit and explore The Whitby Hotel further with her series of films ‘Every Room Tells A Story’ – Welcome to The Whitby Hotel.