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Room 1002 at The Whitby Hotel

Find a balance of warm and cool tones in room 1002 at The Whitby Hotel. This new scheme has punchy corals and blue hues that invigorate the senses, whilst whimsical patterns keep the tone playful. Join us as we explore the space further.

We have used a red linen fabric for the walls, its rich tone gives the room a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We love its waved patterns as they create a sense of movement without feeling too busy or overwhelming.

The warm tones have allowed us to introduce teal and light blue elements which create a comfortable balance. The headboard has been upholstered in the ‘Coral’ colourway of our Ozone for Christopher Farr fabric. Its large repeat pattern commands attention and gives the space Kit Kemp’s signature flair.

A light blue wool adorns the end of bed stool (EBS) and we have included rosy leather piping for a pop of colour around the bottom edge. Together, a blue valance and coral kick pleat mimic the headboard’s colours.

We have repeated these fabrics on the chairs. The blue wool has a beautiful weave that incorporates shades of light blue and teal to add texture and depth. The coral piping and side pockets create a fun contrast.

Bringing a touch of pizazz to the corner of the room is our signature Firmdale mannequin where we have also used Ozone for Christopher Farr fabric. You’ll also find these fun and charming framed bugs by Mimi de Biarritz.

For the bed cushions and curtains, we have used fabric by Nina Campbell. It has painterly pomegranates, leaves and dotted rows. The neutral background balances the bedroom’s bold tones and the pomegranates play homage to shapes within our Ozone fabric. This instils continuity and a feeling of ease.

Thank you for exploring this new scheme with us and we hope you’ll also enjoy playing with warm and cool tones in your next design.

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