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Polka Dots

Polka dots are patterns we love, but don’t talk about nearly as much. In this blog post, we aim to change that! Join us as we celebrate everything there is to love about the timeless pattern that are polka dots.

The history of the polka dot is an interesting one. Its modern term playfully, like its pattern, came from the polka dance craze in the 19th century. Easily one of the most versatile patterns, polka dots can be used in various ways and for any age group. Here’s how we have incorporated them into our designs.

Some may be afraid of putting polka dots all over their walls, but here in our Reading Room at The Whitby Hotel it brings a lively sense of fun and colour to the space. The painterly effect of the polka dot shapes add character.

In this scheme we played with scale. Using only black and white tones prevents the pattern from being overpowering. The texture and size of the wall’s polka dots are complemented by the detailed patterns of the inlaid chest of drawers.

Here at The Soho Hotel’s Crimson Bar polka dots rule the room! Lining the sides of our slipper chairs, cushions and stools, they create a fun mixture of patterns, alongside the tribal inspired walls and striped fabrics.

Take a closer look at the walls and you’ll find the organic shapes are made from lines of tiny textured dots. After all, scheming with a retro karaoke machine is a fitting reason to include the lively pattern of polka dots!

A large scale pattern on a headboard can create a bold statement. Don’t be afraid to go big with patterns, as seen here at Ham Yard Hotel where we have added an embellished polka dot fabric to the headboard.

Even subtle touches of polka dots can make a strong impact. In this scheme we’ve upholstered an end of bed stool and with a pop of colour, the pattern becomes the centre of attention.

Or you can go even smaller and add polka dots to lampshades, cushions and vases. Sometimes adding a fun pattern on smaller items like these is everything you need to transform your furnishings. Find our blog Design Threads: Decorative Painting at Home where we explore the power of paint.

Bring life to a room with polka dot chairs. The detail of their patterns can be either playful…

Or sophisticated…

Our Over the Moon fabric for Andrew Martin resembles polka dots with smiling painterly moons. We have used this fabric to line closets, walls, and even to upcycle a chest of drawers.

We hope you had just as much fun delving into dots as we did! What a versatile and effortless pattern to work with. If you’re feeling inspired to scheme with patterns, see also Our Guide to Mixing Geometric and Organic Patterns.

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