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To the Moon and Back

There has always been something fascinating about the moon, it is a source of constant change and inspiration.

In deep denim blue with painterly moons and speckled stars acting as polka dots, my ‘Over the Moon’ fabric for Andrew Martin captures the calmness of the night sky. Look closer and you will see the kindly face of the smiling moon.

In this joyful dressing room in The Suffolk Suite at Haymarket Hotel, we upholstered the walls in ‘Over The Moon’ in Denim. It adds a playful warmth to a space which could otherwise be forgotten.

This fabric also works very well as an accent. For the Andrew Martin showroom, we covered  a chest in the ‘Over the Moon’ fabric. Beneath the fabric is a thin layer of foam cushioning, which gives a whole new feel to the chest. It makes a wonderful feature piece and is a great way of upcycling tired or damaged furniture.

For my recent bathroom pop up at C.P. Hart, we even created a one-of-a-kind kimono which we draped over one of our signature mannequins, also covered in ‘Over the Moon’.

Visit Shop Kit Kemp to find our ‘Over the Moon’ mannequin or our Kit’s Wing and Min’s Tub Chairs, all of which are perfect for a bedroom or living room.

Upholstering furniture is a great way of incorporating another fabric design into a room scheme. It is always a real joy to create a playful element of surprise.

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