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Our Guide to Spa Design

Summer socials can have us feeling depleted and in desperate need of some ‘TLC’. Spas throughout the centuries have been designated spaces for therapeutic benefits and continue to be the perfect way to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Our Soholistic Spa at Ham Yard Hotel was designed to create an experience that captivates all of the senses. Join us as we share our guide to spa design.


Colour plays an integral part in our overall health and wellbeing. Considering a palette is crucial in all spaces but especially in a spa. It’s important to achieve a balance of calm as well as intrigue. There is temptation to use cool blues and natural greens but at our Design Studio, we never underestimate the power of introducing warm rich hues to a spa. At Soholistic Spa you’ll find a mix of Moulin rouge red, zesty oranges and playful pinks which are winners in awakening the soul. As colours associated with abundance and rejuvenation, they bring vitality and a sense of ease.


Surfaces create an opportunity to play with different materials and textures. We like to take a layered approach. To instil a sense of grounding our walls are cladded with white pebbles and have artwork and mirrors. We also have shell covered tables and wicker chairs. The mix of organic materials and forms naturally connect us to the earth, creating a space for tranquillity. Further matched with our soft thread towels and cushioned foam slippers, the devil is in the detail to achieve an overall sense of luxury and comfort.

Texture can also act as a way to define spaces and create contrast. Our steam room layered in Arabescato marble sits adjacent to the organic textures in the relaxation room adding interest and a calming sense of intrigue. We’ve also included a curtain which creates privacy and a convenient place for early arrival guests to rest after those ‘red-eye’ flights.


A spa’s design should encourage you to dive deep into the depths of your inner being. Soft, warm lighting is essential in creating this ambience and for relaxation. Textured pendants, candles and strip lighting achieve this as well as oversized mirrors that evenly reflect the light within the room. This is a great way to create depth and expansion.


Never underestimate the power of scent within your spaces. Smell is the most emotionally linked of our senses as it’s directly connected to the brain. We believe scent is the invisible power of persuasion. Fragrance in oils, candles and lotions all have influence and also have the ability to elevate our mood, reduce stress and increase vitality. Our RIKRAK fragrances encourage you to relax. Gardenia Sandalwood was designed to capture the essence of an English garden in full bloom, perfectly matched with the soothing aromas of Lavender Eucalyptus. Explore how our natural senses translate to design and the importance of this when creating a space here.

Design plays such an important role in our wellbeing and we hope we’ve left you feeling nourished. Drop by to Soholistic at Ham Yard Hotel for some rest and relaxation. We’re here for whenever you wish to take an escape!

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