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New Year, New Theme

The New Year is upon us and we are settling back into our routines. 2023 is set to be a big year for our Design Studio, particularly with the opening of our new hotel in Warren Street, New York. Whilst demanding at times, the design process is also immensely rewarding. Our team has decided to follow a collective theme this year, that centres on being present and to instil a sense of guidance amid the pressure of deadlines. With that in mind, we’d like to share how we’ll be integrating our New Year’s theme!

Be playful…

Sometimes constant decision making can take the fun away from creativity, so it’s important to play with ideas and remove the pressure of a definitive outcome. Play provides the opportunity to be ‘present in the moment’ stimulating imagination as well as providing the therapeutic benefits of stress relief. To celebrate the importance of creative play, we’ve organised a series of Creative Workshops, hosted by some of our favourite craftspeople and makers at Ham Yard Hotel and Haymarket Hotel. Join us as we anchor ourselves in the moment and explore workshops including The Art of Colour with Annie SloanBlock Printing with Molly MahonInterior Portraits Club with SJ Axelby and many more.


A sense of urgency and deadlines can at times cause angst and hinder our ability to thrive. We can become unconscious in recognising our own need to slow down. Self-care is essential and making time to relax and unwind is vital to maintain a creative mind. We’ve booked ourselves some ‘me time’ at Ham Yard Hotel’s Soholistic Spa. Explore the space here and if you’d like to join us on our self-care mission click here.

It’s a proven fact that nature has therapeutic benefits. Bringing plants and flowers into your space can immediately enhance wellbeing and we’ve made a conscious commitment to fill our Design Studio with plants and fresh flowers. At Ham Yard Hotel, The Soho Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel, we’ll soon be planting new bulbs at our rooftop gardens ahead of springtime. For ideas, explore our blog post, Flowers: Our Styling Handbook.

Importance of sleep…

After years of perfecting the ‘Firmdale Sleep’ experience, we never underestimate the power of creating spaces that invite you to enter a land of slumber. Layering clean crisp white linen, bedspreads and cushions instil comfort and a cocooned sense of safety which are essential to creating the perfect night’s sleep. If you’d like to create our ‘Firmdale Sleep’ experience for yourself, explore more at Shop Kit Kemp.

Here our Design Studio’s India can show you how we like to make our beds…

As we get ready to embark on the adventures and projects of the New Year, we hope you join us along the way and feel inspired to also take a moment to stop, breathe and be present!

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