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Magical Mythical Making

One of our favourite things about the festive season is the opportunity it brings to celebrate craftsmanship. At our Design Studio, we admire the creative value that crafts give to a space. Recently, we have created some new applique Design Studio Cushions and we’d love to share the creative process we took to create them.

We like to begin our creative process with a story. When designing our applique cushions we turned to the narrative found within our Mythical Land wallpaper for Andrew Martin. Inspired by American folk art, this wallpaper tells an enchanting fairy tale.

We drew a focus on the smaller elements found within the wallpaper’s design. With the practice of applique in mind, we knew these intricate elements would make a strong impact.

We started by drawing the design’s little beasties in pencil before calculating their scale. Then the cutting fun could begin! We placed these cut-outs against a background and experimented with spacing, placement and layout.

Adding multiple layers of fabric adds depth and makes the applique more interesting. We also added piping in contrasting colours to create extra impact.

We have also created applique Christmas stockings where you’ll find our Mythical Creatures on each side. The stockings were made from our fabric offcuts.

We made this stocking extra festive by adding snowflakes and worked with different tones of blue.

The tiny details make the biggest difference when doing applique. Find our blog post Design Threads: Applique to find out more.

Thank you for exploring our latest applique creations. Find all of our fun and festive designs at Shop Kit Kemp, or explore this craft further with our blog post: The Magic of Applique.

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