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Lyrical Lines

Lines are one of the most essential design elements as they are usually the formation of all artistic expression. They create shape and structure within a space and allow you to tell a story through different directions and scales. We believe the more whimsical the better! We thought we’d share some of our favourite ways to get playful with lines and create exciting spaces.

There’s a delightful line-up of fabric and flare in the Lyric room at Covent Garden Hotel. Here we’ve experimented with a variety of scales and line weights to create a joyful scheme for this private event space. Bright large lines on the walls create a sense of expansion and vertical textured lines on the floor invite you further into the room. The furniture’s fabric shows a mixture of lines and shapes which adds movement and creates a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic.

For this room at Number Sixteen we have designed a scheme with a calming blue palette, utilising the element of line to create interest and a sense of curiosity. The blue gradient walls complement the dancing lines of the shibori dyed textile cushions. The curtains are line blocks which cascade the wall. This mix of detail, tone and scale creates a sense of drama and excitement.

Scale can be used to create a lasting impression and we think the bigger the better! At the Dive Bar in Ham Yard Hotel we have used our Rick Rack design as wallpaper, scaled to double its height to create a sense of grandeur. Together with our spiralling orange machine, this room boasts all kinds of unusual lines.

In our recent collection with Annie Selke, there’s a delightful assortment of rugs with lyrical lines that are perfect for inspiring movement to any space, inside and out. Think about adding a sense of drama to your hallways, stairways or even your entryways with our Always Greener Indoor / Outdoor rug, or Road Runner Indoor / Outdoor rug. These versatile rugs are woven in resilient recycled P.E.T. performance threads and are durable and fade-resistant.

So you can see, lines add such a wonder and joy to our spaces. Don’t be afraid to have fun and experiment with the power of scale. Read more about lines in Tricks to Make a Space Larger for our top tips and visual tricks to make small spaces appear bigger.

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