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Ideas for an Autumn Reset

This Sunday October 29th our clocks fall back, giving us one extra hour as we prepare for the colder months. Join us as we explore ideas to reset your home for autumn…


You won’t miss the change of time at our hotels! In the lobbies of Ham Yard Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel, you’ll find sculptures by Humans Since 1982 belonging to their series ‘A million Times‘. These kinetic sculptures subvert clocks. Programmed to spin individually and in formation, the clocks perform abstract choreographies and movement patterns. Once every minute, the clock hands align to accurately display the time in a digital typography, playfully reporting and representing the concept of time passing. We could easily watch these clocks dance a million times!

At The Whitby Hotel, you’ll be mesmerised by a modern take of the Grandfather clock in the lobby. The clock face shows a shadowy grandfather and through misted glass, he rubs out and redraws clock hands as each minute passes.

Firmdale Sleep Experience

Prepare yourself and take advantage of that extra hour of sleep! Having welcomed guests to our hotels for years, we’ve perfected the art of a good night’s sleep. Explore our bedroom ‘dos and don’ts’ here or discover our Firmdale Sleep range at Shop Kit Kemp.


We always speak about the importance of scent and fragrance to create a welcoming space. Embrace the time to ‘fall back’ with our Lavender Eucalyptus Pillow & Room Mist. This blend of deeply relaxing essential oils instil a feeling of quiet and calm. We also recently launched our Tall Trees Ceramic Candle as part of our Spode collection.

Bring Autumn Indoors

With the warm and golden glow of autumnal sunlight, now is the perfect time to illuminate interiors with a soft, inviting radiance. Consider incorporating natural lighting into your design scheme like we have done in room 417 at Covent Garden Hotel. Explore this space further here.

Fireplaces are well suited to the season and Tiffany’s Library at Covent Garden Hotel is a great example. This is a space to relax and get warm while outside temperatures cool. A club fender punctuates the fireplace and a combination of leather and wool interiors emphasise a tailored look, whilst wood panelling creates a unique and distinctive atmosphere. It’s an open invitation for all to gather round!

We hope this blog has made you feel ready to bring extra cosiness into your home. Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend!

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