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How We Use Metal

Typically when we picture metal we think of harsh elements, but metal can also appear delicate. We love how versatile it can be. Join us as we share how we’ve incorporated metal elements into our designs, from details on upholstery to grand sturdy consoles.

Metals such as iron will often be used to create intricate details on lighting. Here are some of our favourite examples including this dome shaped chandelier made with multiple iron circles. Found in Room 907 at Crosby Street Hotel, it creates a strong focal point whilst delicate glass teardrops dangle below.

We love how chandeliers can be dressed with crystal jewels or left plain to show the beauty of a lighting fixture.

The most durable of consoles are those made with metal. This antique iron console is topped by a marble slab which brings depth to the space.

A statement is made at Crosby Street Hotel with an impressive mother of pearl console table which has contrasting tones. It’s positioned beneath a large scale Bard painting to make a striking combination.

Also found in Crosby Street Hotel’s lobby is a 10-foot metal sculpture of a human head made with individual letters by Juame Plensa. Plensa often uses letters, words and classic literature in his artworks. To Plensa, the alphabet is a portrait of culture and a metaphor for our world today. The sculpture acts as the perfect reminder of metal’s versatility.

Metal can be found within the details of designs. Metal studding is a timeless example. Studs are used to hold fabric together, but we love to use them to make decorative details. There are a lot of decisions to be made with studding as there are different finishes and spacing to consider. Adding metal beads as a pillow trim can bring a fun flare. Find ‘Our Dos & Don’ts for Upholstery Studding’ here.

Details on hardware bring a sense of elegance. Why not celebrate your favourite animal by including it on your hardware. We’ve done just that at Dorset Square Hotel where you’ll find fun cow handles.

Thank you for exploring these examples with us and we hope we’ve shown you how metal can be used to bring joyful details in the most unexpected places. Find more inspiration in our blog post: Alloy Alloy: Metalwork in Design.

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