How to Design a Monochrome Room

How To

Join us as we share some examples and tips for designing a monochrome scheme...

While we are known for bringing together different colours and patterns, we don’t shy away from schemes with a single colour. This can achieve an elegant and sophisticated look. Join us as we share some examples and tips for designing a monochrome scheme…


The use of red in this suite at Crosby Street Hotel creates a warm and romantic room. For monochrome rooms, we like to incorporate different patterns into the design and then play with their scale. Here we have used a small scale stripe to upholster the sofa, combining it with a larger floral pattern on the curtains.


Play with different shades of the colour or tone – this will create a strong impact and stop the scheme from appearing flat. Here in this bedroom at Number Sixteen, we have used varying tones of blue and together, they create a contemporary room. Our top tip: Add a small touch of a contrasting colour. Here, we’ve used red piping on the bed cushions to pack a punch.


The Marylebone Room at Dorset Square Hotel resembles a tailor-made suit! Adorning the walls is a sophisticated check wool by Abraham Moon & Sons called ‘Knightsbridge Check’. We often use wool on walls as it’s durable and creates a sense of luxury. Here we have layered block tones, stripes, and checks to create an intriguing interior. Explore this space further here.

For room 101 at Haymarket Hotel, we’ve schemed with a contemporary combination of black and white with dashes of vibrant red. The interior is an ode to the work of Fornasetti. Explore this scheme here.


Play with texture to create visual interest within a monochrome room. In this suite at Charlotte Street Hotel, we’ve added texture through artwork and fabric to create a sense of dimension. Our Tall Trees Wallpaper acts as a canvas behind the sofa which has been covered with herringbone wool. Embroidered scatter cushions add craft and a bespoke element to the room. We have hung a beautifully framed mirror above the sofa to lend depth to this enchanting, nature inspired scheme.

Remember that creating a monochrome room doesn’t mean you’re limited. The magic trick is to use variations of a single colour, playing with texture and patterns. With the right balance and attention to detail, you can create a visually appealing and harmonious space.