How to Bring Texture into your Home

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We believe rooms with little texture can be lacklustre, so we'd like to share our tips to help you add textures and visual stimulation into your own homes...

We believe rooms with little texture can be lacklustre, so we’d like to share our tips to help you add textures and visual stimulation into your own homes…

1. Rugs

Rugs can transform the way a room feels, especially if you choose a style of rug with hand knotted elements or fringing details which can add warmth. Often, we have injected character into our schemes by using antique rugs. In room 502 at The Soho Hotel, a Persian rug has intricate details with its colours complementing the red piping on each armchair. Layering a rug on top of carpet also adds an extra level of comfort and cosiness.

2. Fabric on Walls

In our Design Studio we often opt for fabric to be put on the walls, especially in bedrooms. This creates a soft canvas for the room as the woven fibres create a cocoon-like environment. This works even if you’ve chosen a colder colour to go on the walls, such as blue. The natural fibres bring warmth back into the room.

Statement vases with lights in the lobby at Ham Yard Hotel mean you are welcomed by a playful celebration of pattern. We love how light disperses through the gaps unevenly, amplifying the vases’ beautiful handmade quality.

3. Tangible Accessories

Adding hand crafted pieces into a space can add texture, whilst also telling a story. This can be a great way to highlight materials and talented techniques. At our Sandy Lane Beach Bar in Barbados, you’ll find drop chandeliers that were made in South Africa. With hand painted mud-bead tiles, they bring a rainbow of colour into the bar whilst they gently sway.

4. Embroidery and Applique

Using fabrics which have embroidery or or applique is another way to create intrigue through texture. In this residential bedroom, we have used our Ashenwood fabric for Chelsea Textiles throughout the scheme. This fabric is beautifully hand embroidered on a neutral background, enhancing its thread work and intricate details.

5. Play with Patterns

You can simply layer different patterns of varying scales to add movement and texture. Doing this also adds depth and the easiest way to play with patterns is when dressing a sofa with cushions. In our collaboration with Annie Selke, we have an array of beautiful and vibrant cushions. When using these, it is important to keep the cushions in similar colour groups as it grounds the design. You can then have some fun by varying the cushions you use in differing sizes and patterns, adding depth and texture to the sofa. Find the collection at Shop Kit Kemp here.

We find the process of applique to be magical! We often highlight the art of applique on headboards and mannequins. In Ham Yard Hotel’s Oak Leaf Suite, you’ll find impressive applique work by Helena Allan – an artist based in Uganda.

We hope this blog has inspired you to get playing with patterns and bring texture into your own homes. We also love to design rooms that play with the senses. Explore some examples in our blog post: A Room For Every Sense.