Dos & Don’ts: Our Guide to Using Florals

How To

Abundant in their shapes, scales and forms, flowers are one of our greatest joys. Here are our dos and don’ts of how to use them in design…

Abundant in their shapes, scales and forms, flowers are one of our greatest joys. Here are our dos and don’ts of how to use them in design…

Do use flowers as a focal point

If using floral patterns feels like a daunting step, we have you covered. Headboards are the perfect blank canvas to showcase your favourite fabric and create something show-stopping.

In this room at Haymarket Hotel, we have lined the walls with a plain orange linen. The headboard has been upholstered in a large scale floral design that picks out the beautiful burnt orange tones from the wall behind. It has been combined with a fresh neutral backdrop to allow the pattern to breathe.

A more masculine and tailored version of this application can be seen at Charlotte Street Hotel. This intricate pattern creates a diamond shape when seen from afar, pleasing the eye with a sense of symmetry. Celebrate the power of the flower and let the pattern narrate the story of your room.

Do consider layering

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, consider layering some patterns together. Have a look at this room at Dorset Square Hotel. One of our firm favourites, it’s a beautiful marriage between two floral wonders. For the headboard we have used “Amapola Jal on China Blue” and for contrast we dressed the walls with our “Psycho Sprig” fabric in the Tropical Blue colourway.

The delicate curls of “Psycho Sprig” create a loose stripe on the wall which breaks up the small and compact scale of the headboard repeat. The subtle matching of pinks and blues works perfectly together.

Don’t forget to add fresh flowers

A home is not a home without the uplifting sight and smell of fresh flowers. Not only do they dress a room but they have a very comforting quality about them. Use flowers to mirror the vibrancy of the soft furnishings – it isn’t necessary to match the colours perfectly, but as long as everything is speaking the same language, a visual story can be sewn into the fabric of the room.

For more on the art of flower arranging and how to make them stand out whilst perfectly blending into your space, visit our styling handbook.

This room at Haymarket Hotel offers another bold and fun take on floral layering. The combination of red, blue and yellow creates a high contrast, joyful scheme. This time the layering has been done through the walling, the upholstery on the sofa and the cushions. The vivid red of the headboard grounds the scheme and allows the other patterns to come together without overwhelming the senses.

Here in the library at The Soho Hotel, two large sofas dominate the room, each embroidered with individual delicate flowers and petals. The soft boiled wool panels have been embroidered together with lime green flashes, yellow ochres and sages. This floral touch is a mesmerising detail that blends effortlessly into the design of the room.

Do remember the details

Using florals doesn’t always mean you have to go full steam ahead with bold patterns and an abundance of foliage. There’s a way to incorporate subtle details into a scheme without looking like you’ve kept your local florist in business!

We love nothing more than an eye catching piece that captivates your mind for a thoughtful moment. At Crosby Street Hotel we have a set of four paintings of The Queen. The pieces are adorned with decorative flowers cleverly worked into the design of her hats. With such a cheerful smile gazing down at you, we’re sure you’ll find yourself smiling back.

Floral details can always been found in cushions. Beautifully versatile, they can be swapped in and out of a scheme as the seasons change or to create a fresh look and feel. Don’t be fooled by the power of a cushion, they may be small but they are mighty!

Do remember the saying, go big or go home

The idea of using flowers in a communal area can be daunting – they feel like more of a statement than when used in the privacy of a bedroom. The secret to success is in the application. Below we have incorporated florals into a communal space without getting stuck within the construct “flowers are just for girls”. This geometric rug at Crosby Street Hotel is a contemporary nod to floral motifs and in this case, it’s the scale of the design that makes it work within the room.

The Duncan Grant event room at Charlotte Street Hotel sings with a beautiful repeat of embroidered flowers. Enveloping the room in its playful and carefree design, it lends warmth, spirit and character to the space.

We hope you have enjoyed our dos and don’ts of using florals. The truth is there really is no rule book when it comes to celebrating their beauty – little, big, large or small, use them in whatever way brings you the most joy.