How We Use Bedside Table Lamps

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A bedside lamp is a perfect place to have fun with a bedroom scheme. Here we have rounded up our favourite bedside lamps to show you how to add a bit of personality to your bedside table, paying attention to that all important detail...

We have spoken before about the elements that come together for the perfect bedroom scene: a fabulous bespoke headboard, how we use bedspreads and tips for bedside tables…but what about lighting?

A bedside lamp is the perfect place to have fun with a bedroom scheme. Here we have rounded up our favourites to show you how to add a bit of personality to your bedside table, paying attention to that all important detail…

Let’s start with one our favourites, the Gubi lamp. We always love to use this lamp as its modern and classic look goes with just about any room. The porcelain shade provides a beautifully warm glow, and its sleek shape doesn’t overpower the bedside table.

If you find yourself tight on space like we sometimes do, you can double up the use of your dressing table to act as your bedside table. The Gubi is the perfect solution here and can be used as both a bedside lamp and task lamp for your desk.

Another favourite of ours is the angled poised lamp. We adore its delicate simplicity, making this another choice that fits into any room.

Although we typically like to use the white shade, the black can provide a chic look as well if the scheme calls for it. The Gubi is a versatile and practical choice for any bedside lighting situation.

For a striking look, go for height. The disk lamp, as seen below, adds a modern silhouette and crisp white flash to flank the headboard, while drawing the eye upwards with its overlapping shapes. A fabulous shade ties into the fabric scheme of this room.

Don’t be afraid of colour! These bedside lamps, seen in one of our residential projects in London, add a pop of colour against the coral backdrop, while its teal hue and embellishments tie in perfectly to the bespoke headboard and bed pillows.

These slender but mighty silver lamps, located in one of the bedrooms at Rossferry in Barbados, echo the height of the shutters behind them, creating a beautifully strong frame for the bed.

A punchy bedside light, as seen below, is the perfect choice when faced with expansive ceilings. These stripy ceramic bases topped with silk shades really hold their own in this scene. The beautiful and bold shade picks up the gold tones in the headboard and the fine lines in the walling behind it.

For an unexpected element, a hanging pendant light can add a sense of whimsy to a scheme. This pendant, made from Shaman’s hats of the Yoruba tribe, adds wonderful texture and charm. Here, we have added a wall mounted task light below the pendant to add a functional lighting option.

A tip for adding a sense of romance or softness to the bedroom is to incorporate a fabric shade. In this residential project, we placed a shade that complements the fabrics used on the bed atop a delicate but firm base.

Here you can see we created a small pleated shade to top this Viola Lanari lamp for Porta Romana. The bright green pops against the fresh plaster base, and ties into the matching pillows on the day bed. The sculptural floral elements of the base are reflected in the motifs of the adjacent fabric on the headboard.

The fabric shades shown here lighten the heavy base below, while the muted colour palette adds calm to the bedroom. We have draped jewels around the lamp base to add a bit of fun.

As you can see, the bedside lamp plays an equally important role in a scheme as its counterparts, and there are so many fun ways to jazz them up. We hope these tips have inspired you to add your own sense of personality and style to your bedside lighting!