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Bed Side Story: How We Use Bedside Tables

Here at the Kit Kemp Design Studio, every piece of furniture counts. Every corner cabinet, side table and footstool matters. A bedside table is a hidden opportunity to have lots of fun, add a detail to a corner and flank the main feature of the bedroom, whilst also acting as an important storage tool.

Each room requires a different set of rules, a different style, a different accent. So we’ve rounded up our favourite bedside tables to provide a little bedside inspiration.


Antiques are front and centre of our designs. Lovely rich walnuts, rosewoods and mahoganies play a huge role in adding layers and texture to our spaces. A beautiful old piece that tells a story is often a wonderful way to bring gravitas to your bedside. If you find two pieces you love, they don’t have to match to work well together.

In this space, we used books and embellishments to trick the eye so these two individual pieces appear to be the same height.

Here we paired an antique with fresh modern picture frames, such as these marquetry black and white frames, which create a layered look.

Statement Pieces

Some spaces such as this bright and fresh bedroom require pieces that have the wow factor. This ornate and textured shell bedside chest is a wonderful statement in the room. It plays into the colour scheme beautifully, and with a simple headboard fabric, it creates an eye catching focal point beside the bed.

Creative finishes like these large fabric lined chests are an amazing way to enrich your scheme. Use a fabric from the rest of the room or something entirely new to add a dynamic and powerful accent in the room.

Clever Styling

Crafty styling is key to any room design. This dinky little side table is nothing without the gorgeous gold mirror above that matches the elongated height of the half tester.

In this room, the dark ebony bedside table is embellished with gold gilt detailing and brass handles. This detailing is echoed in the frame of the artwork above, creating a punchy duo working together beside this bed.

This simple and classic bedside table is another that plays beautifully with the environment of the scheme. The neutral tone works well with the walling and accent colours of the space, such as the artwork frame.

Gustavian Classics

One of our all time favourite bedside tables has to be these Chelsea Textile Gustavian classics. We love them for their classic simplicity and their handy drawers. We love to pair larger chests with smaller ones for a little diversity. We often create bespoke colours to work perfectly in the room depending on the scheme.

Two in One

If you’re tight on room, doubling up your bedside and dressing table are a great way to save space.

If there’s one thing we know, it is how to create a perfect bedroom. We hope this little round-up gives you inspiration when choosing, sourcing or up-scaling your bedside chests and tables.

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