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How to Style Cushions on a Sofa

At our Design Studio we believe a sofa without cushions is like a cake without icing – dull and boring. You can change the entire look of your living room by adding and layering cushions on your sofa. Cushions offer an affordable way to introduce a new colour or pattern to your existing scheme and are a fabulous and effective way to transform and revive a space. So, the power of a cushion is clearly not to be underestimated!

We are often asked how to style a sofa with cushions so this week we thought we would take you through our top five tips.


As you look straight onto the sofa, it is good to have different sizes of cushions to lend depth to the space. However, the size of the cushion should be in proportion to the size of the sofa. Here for example on this two seater sofa, just two large 50x50cm cushions are enough otherwise the sofa would look overcrowded.

Our sofa cushion sizes tend to vary from 50x50cm to 40cmx40cm. On a larger sofa which needs extra cushions, we like to layer the cushions according to their size. We place the larger cushions furthest back allowing us to still see a peep of their fabric and design on display. The smaller cushions are then placed in front and are the most decorative ones as they are on full display. Occasionally we will also place a smaller oblong cushion in the middle to tie the group together.


Comfort is key. A common mistake is to have cushions which are too hard. Make sure they are soft and well filled – you need to be able to sink into your sofa and feel comfortable. Cushion inners are just as important as the fabric you cover them in. We like to use feathered duck down inners as it moulds around your body as you sit down.


If you are fearful of experimenting with bold colours, you can soften your colour palette by choosing a base colour and exploring patterns and gradients from here. Our new collection with Annie Selke is full of bold, textural cushions that mix and match effortlessly within a number of different colour groups. Here we’ve mixed varying tones of green, echoing the fresh Barbados light and colour that brings both joy and calmness to the space.

Our guide to mixing geometric and organic patterns is full of tips to help you bring patterns and colours together.

Another way we like to add a pop of colour to our sofa is by adding a bright contrast piping to our cushions. We often use Samuel & Sons Italian leather piping due to its vibrant colour range. Be sure to look around your room as cushions should complement other elements such as curtain fabric and wall colours.


Play around with patterns of all shapes and sizes. A range of print scales helps to bring the whole look together. Always aim to have at least two different patterns on your sofa.


Layering your sofa scatter cushions gives a luxurious finish and provides an extra level of comfort. By adding cushions on top of each other, with the larger cushions at the back and smaller at the front, you are creating depth which helps make the room seem larger. It not only looks alluring with layers of squishiness, but also adds a new personality to the room without breaking the bank.

Fancy getting the look? Click here to browse our cushion selection from our collections with Andrew Martin, Chelsea Textiles, Christopher Farr, Annie Selke and our own Design Studio cushions.

We hope this post inspires you to get creative with your scatter cushions!

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