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How to Style: Annie Selke x Kit Kemp Collection – Barbados Edition

How to Style: Annie Selke x Kit Kemp Collection
Barbados EditionNew York EditionLondon Edition

Our collection for Annie Selke celebrates my favourite places: Barbados, London and New York, with items exclusively available from Shop Kit Kemp, Annie Selke and Andrew Martin. I’ve put together some ‘How to Style’ tips to inspire you and help you infuse the magic of these destinations into your own homes. This stop is Barbados and here’s how to get the look…

‘The bolder the colour the better it looks’ 

The light in Barbados is exquisite and accentuates vibrancy and absolute freshness. I wanted to capture this in the collection with a bold colour palette that reflects the light and brings both joy and calmness to a space. In Barbados we painted our ceiling bright blue and when we introduced the Lily Pad Spring rug, it joyfully unified and grounded the space. Using organic materials is an effective way to create textural interest. At Rossferry we’ve used organic timber finishes, mud bead stools and ceramic table lamps. Together in soft neutral tones, they soothe and create balance and harmony.

‘Bring the outdoors in’ 

Nature plays a vital role in our wellbeing and this collection is also about exploring my love for the outdoors. If you are fearful of experimenting with bold colours, you can soften your colour palette. Enjoy exploring patterns and tone gradients instead. We’ve designed a collection of bold and textural cushions that you can mix and match effortlessly. This is the Safety Net rug which was inspired by nets that get flung over the side of fishing boats. 

Our Safety Net rug in the blue colourway evokes a feeling of sailing on calm ocean waters.

‘Your rug as a work of art’ 

Walls aren’t our only canvas for artwork. Rugs are the perfect opportunity to elevate your spaces from the ground up. Let them be your foundation to build your space and scheme around. We did not hold back with our rug designs! Go bold with colour, geometry and scale, like with our Graphic Tufted Wool rug. It functions as a piece of fine art with its vibrant bold shapes and grand scale.

Get the look…
Graphic Tuft Rug

We hope you’ve enjoyed our style tips and have been inspired to bring the fresh and fun flair of Barbados to your home. Watch out for our New York and London editions coming soon.

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