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How To Display Your Holiday Souvenirs

In the midst of summer holidays, family trips to the beach and extended hiking weekends, we are reminded to savour these moments. This week we take you through our favourite ways to display souvenirs from those summer adventures…


If you come across tapestries, napkins, place mats or any other type of woven textile during your travels, a frame is a wonderful way to keep things on display. Look around our hotels and interior design projects and an element you’re bound to spot are framed fabrics. Either in the forms of found fabric, suzani, or tapestry, we love to use these gorgeous fabrics as statement pieces of art.


Small items and ‘nick nacks’ might seem impractical on their own, but group them together and you’ll have an interesting conversation piece. We love collections and find that building a collection during our travels creates a mission driven treasure hunt for all the family. Grouping similar items together on display can create an interesting art piece or grouping on your bookshelf. We love how the repetition of similar objects creates a powerful display. Find our tips for creating a collection here.


Often we arrive home from a holiday with random ticket stubs, maps, receipts and coins stuffed into the pockets of our jackets and suitcases. We often throw them away, but a fun way to remember a trip is to gather all those mementos into a single pile and tuck them away. Placing all the bits and bobs into a beautiful box is a lovely way to revisit the faded memories and allow ourselves to be re-immersed in the trip. You may also find amusement in recalling the exact restaurant you dined at when you first tried bird’s nest soup!


For larger objects, a Perspex box always does the trick. You’ll find many examples throughout our hotels including the Drawing Room at Number Sixteen, here we have a pair of vintage shoes framed in a Perspex box, hung between the two grand French windows.

Perspex gives a contemporary edge when displaying antique objects that we find on our travels. For ideas, see our blog: Perky Perspex.

We hope this blog inspires you to celebrate your holiday souvenirs and keepsakes. Share with us how you plan to keep your summer treasures on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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