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Creating a Collection

Collections of quirky objects, like antique plates, unusual figurines or colourful ceramic pots, grouped together and cleverly framed can suddenly take on a whole new meaning and become an interesting artwork in their own right.

As you step into the Croc Bowling Alley at Ham Yard Hotel in London, you are greeted by our collection of 70 bowling shoes which we sourced on eBay over a year. The collection is framed by colourful bowling balls which make these simple objects feel like an art installation.

In The Orangery at The Whitby Hotel, we have a collection of meat platters that we also found on eBay. They’re the wonderful large dishes that we will always associate with grandfather carving the Sunday roast. Encased in Perspex on a black felt background, they are elevated to works of art, beautifully offset against walls painted in Farrow & Ball’s ‘Ointment Pink’.

The Soho Hotel in London was once the site of a NCP car park. In homage to the hotel’s past, we collected old oil cans and containers adding in dinky toys to make a playful automobile montage in Refuel Bar & Restaurant.

At Crosby Street Hotel, a collection of old fifties telephones mounted on the wall and artfully lit become a witty focal point in the restaurant.

A collection doesn’t need to be created with rare collectibles or exquisite antiques, it can be achieved with simple everyday objects. One of the collections we are most proud of is our installation of baskets which hang above The Whitby Bar. There are 52 in total and each basket originates from different areas of England, Wales and Ireland. They are humble, everyday objects, which when displayed together, become an eye catching and impressive feature in this bustling Manhattan bar.

Often a single object on its own will not have an impact, but when displayed as part of a collection, it will be transformed into the most interesting feature in a room. We encourage you to be bold, think outside the box and enjoy the process of making art installations with your own collections.

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