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How to Bring Character to a Room

Our hotels are full of character and this is all thanks to careful attention to detail, our Design Team’s curations and an overall aim to create fun, balanced spaces. Real showstoppers! If you’d like your spaces to boast character, here are our top tips to help you achieve this…

1. Antique Furniture & Rugs

A unique piece in a room can help to add some visual interest. We often source unique antiques that catch attention such as this beautiful Scandinavian chest painted in blue. You’ll find this in our Suffolk Suite at Haymarket Hotel.

We have always loved Persian rugs as they add rich texture and patterns to a space, whilst also incorporating warmth through the richness of their colours.

2. Moulding Details

Moulding details such as a cornice can create a sense of sophistication. We like to paint moulding details in crisp white tones to create a contrast with wall colours. This is also a way to make ceilings look taller. If you are adding a cornice to a more contemporary building, it doesn’t always need to look traditional. You can opt for an angular and modern design like here in a bedroom at The Soho Hotel.

3. Artwork

Sourcing and incorporating different artworks is another way to add charm. We source and frame everything from ceramics and antique tapestries, to modern and traditional artworks. These pieces inject colour and fun. Even smaller objects of art can add a hint of magic such as this wood carved painting and this whimsical hand painted tiger ornament.

4. Shelving

Incorporating shelves will anchor a room with character, whilst also serving a function with additional storage. Styling shelves with objects and books adds personality to a space. We have often opted to paint and wallpaper the verticals, horizontals and backgrounds of our shelves in different colours to liven them up! Find our ‘Dos and Don’ts Guide to Dressing Shelves’ here.

5. Dress Windows

Dressing windows with treatments can help incorporate some warmth and texture into a room. We have even dressed loft-style windows with curtains such as here in our Drawing Room at The Whitby Hotel. This has helped to create a cosy cocoon.

Windows don’t always have to be dressed with drapes and at Dorset Square Hotel, many of its windows feature wooden painted shutters. These add a traditional and charming aesthetic to the bedrooms.

We hope we’ve inspired you to incorporate some characterful design elements into your spaces. Find more ideas to create a lasting impression in our blog post: Make Every Room Memorable.

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