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Frame Your Fabrics

Look around our hotels and interior design projects and an element you’re bound to spot is framed fabrics. Either in the forms of found fabric, suzani, or tapestry, we love to use these gorgeous fabrics as statement pieces of art.

If you have a large expanse of wall but aren’t sure what to place, framing a large suzani is the perfect solution. These woven artworks tell a story and add depth and character to a lonely wall. Often we place these over sofas to help create a focal point for the room. A subtly detailed frame helps to finish the look and doesn’t take away from the striking piece.

Found fabrics have a sense of history to them and they are a great way to add new layers to your rooms and make you wonder about the life they had before as well as the people who were using them. Here at Ham Yard restaurant, we framed textiles found in India to act as room dividers.

If you are looking to add a graphic and fun display of colour, creating a feature wall with some of your favourite fabrics is the way to go. You could collect scraps from old projects and have them framed as squares.

A simple white frame creates continuity and the overall effect is bold and purposeful. Another fun way to frame your fabrics is within a wall mirror. This colourful and unusual use is an easy way to add pattern and character. You can find a collection of our fabric framed mirrors for sale at Shop Kit Kemp.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get framing your favourite fabrics. Find more framing ideas with our blog posts Funky Frames – Fun Ways to Elevate Your Art and Design Threads: Painted Frames at Home.

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