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Exploring Paisley Designs

From its ancient Persian and Indian origins and with mysterious messages of symbolism, paisley has made a diverse journey through design, art and fashion. Today we would like to share how we have incorporated paisley into our designs…

L'Imperatrice Josephine (1809) by Antoine-Jean Gros

The motif with many meanings can be seen here in Suite 25 at Ham Yard Hotel. For the curtains and sofa cushions we used ‘Kashmir Paisley’ by Peter Dunham. This printed paisley was inspired by one of Peter’s journeys as a teenager, backpacking through India. We admire how it complements Nina Campbell’s ‘Ashdown Stripe’ fabric on the chairs and cushions and Pierre Frey’s ‘Zebulon’ fabric which we have used on the sofas.

We have used paisley again in this calming living space for a residential project. The scale of the paisley motif is larger which gives the drapery interesting proportions.

We have also used paisley designs to make a statement on headboards. Depending on the size and detail of the design, paisley can appear differently and we love to play with a variety of colours and sizes. Pairing a pair of paisley bed cushions completes the look!

Adorning this bold headboard in room 806 at Crosby Street Hotel, is ‘Crazy Paisley’ by Vanderhurd. We love how it simplifies the process of the paisley design with its enlarged scaling, creating a modern twist. Craft is found within ‘Crazy Paisley’ as it incorporates hand knots, Kantha stitching and French knots. A yellow depth borders the paisley fabric emphasising the deep yellow colour found within the French knots.

For room 509 at The Whitby Hotel, we have used the monochrome colourway which pays tribute to the intricate details of paisley design.

If you are as crazy about paisley as we are, you can add the design to your walls! In this scheme, the fiery reds and cool blues of this fabric wall make a dreamy scheme. We have used a different colourway on the dining chairs to add a glow of warm yellow.

Share your favourite paisley designs with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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