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Crazy Paisley – Room 806 at Crosby Street Hotel

Crosby Street Hotel is back up and running and we couldn’t be happier. This week for Sleeping Around, we are taking a closer look at Room 806. This bedroom is spacious and light with high ceilings and full length Crittall windows. It is high up in the hotel, meaning the room has spectacular views over lower Manhattan.

The beautiful statement fabric on the headboard is one of our favourites by Christine Van der Hurd, called ‘Crazy Paisley’. Inspired by the traditional paisley design, this version has been modernised through a process of simplifying and rescaling the iconic intricate pattern.

It is printed on a heavy luxurious linen and features delicate hand embroidery with large French knots and a heavy kantha stitch. The bold, slightly irregular lines give the design a naïve quality, evoking the stylistic brush strokes of the artist Henri Matisse. Around the headboard depth is a mustard yellow linen, which picks out the yellow French knots on the main fabric.

Adorning the walls is a lovely orange two-tone linen which is a wonderful backdrop to the headboard, drawing out the burnt orange of the kantha stitch.

On the bed cushions, we have a small-scale pattern by Seema Krish. The design is a hand blocked wave pattern and also features the hand embroidered kantha stitch.

Around all four sides of the decorative bed cushions is a contrasting yellow leather pipe. This yellow leather has also been used on the end of the bed stool, contrasted against a rusty orange leather. This sits in front of a petrol blue wool bed valance, which grounds the bed, creating a strong and sophisticated look.

On the window seat, the cushions are made up from the same blue wool, with deep buttons and piped in the yellow leather creating a harmonious flow throughout the room. The large Crittall windows are dressed in a fresh white textured linen, with a bright yellow leading edge, giving the curtains a smart and contemporary finish.

The two armchairs opposite the bed have been upholstered in a yellow geometric weave, which is an unusual composition of Linus yarn, viscose and linen, giving it a lovely tactile quality as well as being extremely durable.

We hope you enjoy this colourful and happy bedroom as much as we do!

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