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Dopamine Design

At our Design Studio, we’ve been champions of the dopamine design trend long before it became mainstream. But what exactly is dopamine design? It’s about crafting spaces that actively stimulate the brain’s pleasure centres, eliciting joy, excitement and satisfaction. Join us as we explore the trend of dopamine design.

Sensual Textures

At the core of dopamine design is sensory engagement. We strive to incorporate elements that appeal to the senses, from visually striking patterns and colours to sumptuous textures and materials. For example, in The Soho Suite and the newly opened Warren Street Bar and Restaurant, vibrant and textural upholstery on chairs and sofas instantly captivate attention, infusing the space with energy and vitality.

Energetic squiggly lines in our new GP & J Baker wallpaper, ‘Wriggle Room,’ or the whimsical patterns of ‘Robina’s Dinner Party’ also embody the dopamine-driven aesthetic.

Joy Therapy

Surprise and delight are potent tools for boosting dopamine levels. Every corner of our spaces reveals a joyful discovery, whether it’s an unexpected artwork, a whimsical sculpture, or a curated collection of knick-knacks. Artworks by our beloved artist Mimi De Biarritz perfectly capture this essence.

Colour Sparks

In our dopamine-infused designs, vibrant colours aren’t just accents—they’re the essence. Fiery reds, zesty yellows, and electric blues ignite excitement and invigorate the senses, sustaining energy and curiosity. Warren Street Hotel’s Lobby showcases this vibrant colour palette wonderfully.

Plate Pleasures

Just as certain foods trigger dopamine release, a thoughtfully arranged table setting can also impact our brain chemistry. Vibrant colours and enticing textures invite indulgence not just for our taste buds, but for all our senses. Our Orange Blanket Stitch Napkins and OK David Tea Towels exemplify this sensory experience.

We hope this blog has ignited your creativity and inspired you to infuse your designs with the joyful essence of dopamine.

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