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A Tribute to Mimi de Biarritz

We are deeply saddened by the recent news that our dear friend Mimi de Biarritz has passed away. She was one of the most fearless, quirky and wonderfully creative artists I ever had the chance to meet. Known for her unique handmade masterpieces, Mimi always seemed to be on the pulse with humorous, intricate pieces using cut out cardboard, mixed media printing, papier-mâché, needle point, mosaics and furniture design.

I am so lucky to have spent time over the years with Mimi at her home and studio in Biarritz, France. She was such an inspiration and joy to be around. Her studio was a magical treasure trove which only her imagination could unlock.

It was a sanctuary where dreams took shape and the ordinary transformed into extraordinary realms, all brought to life through the alchemy of her boundless imagination. I would visit Mimi each year to see what wonderful creations she had been working on. Handmade miniature theatres, stitched jackets and applique flags are crammed into every corner.

Here are just a few of our favourite pieces by the wonderful Mimi…

This is Mimi showing me her applique work which I instantly fell in love with! It is framed and displayed in our Vanessa Bell Room at Charlotte Street Hotel in all its glory...
Mimi's pet beds are made with cardboard and hand painted. I couldn’t resist treating my furry friends to these...
These papier-mâché ladybug and beetle pieces bring intrigue and fun...
These pieces are almost like terrariums, but instead, they show humorous little scenes!

A couple of years ago, we designed a room for WOW!house in London. Inspired by Mimi’s unique collection of hand-crafted hats, the room was transformed into ‘Mimi’s Atelier’. This immersive space tells the story of a milliner living in the cobbled streets of Paris.

We feel truly privileged to have met and spent so much time with Mimi over the years. Thank you Mimi for providing us with constant inspiration, unique works of art and most importantly, humour.

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