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Designing on the Edge

Edges are always worth considering when it comes to interiors as they’re the perfect place to add a touch of fun and can really elevate a design .  Join us as we explore designing on the edge!

You can dress the depth or border of a headboard with pops of colour or textures such as studding. Doing so will frame and accentuate other fabrics and designs on a headboard.

Bold colours can help to increase a headboard’s depth. Here we’ve added a bold hot pink, which sits beautifully against a pale green fabric wall. This brings energy into the room.

We also like to add a touch of spontaneity to our headboards with flamboyant curves. This always makes a statement!

You can also introduce curved edges through bedding, such as this Power Shake Scallop Quilt from our collection with Annie Selke. It brings an elegant finishing touch as well as an element of fun.

You can line the edge of curtains with bright colour combinations, as seen here. We also love to use a variety of trims.

Found fabrics can also be used. In this bedroom we’ve used a large scale ikat to create a wide edge on the curtains.

Look out for multiple edges on coffee tables and side tables. Find special character within your architectural details too by adding a scallop trim to a cabinet in your kitchen or by adding a special trim to a shelf.

Showcase a reading or dining nook by adding a pelmet, as seen here at Covent Garden Hotel. We have lined the edges with our ‘Ashenwood‘ fabric for Chelsea Textiles.

Instead of a traditional cornice, you can add an unexpected trim. We did this in our Day Room scheme for WOW!house at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. We lined the edges between the wallcovering and ceiling with our ‘Helter Skelter‘ piping for Christopher Farr Cloth.

Let your creativity flow and design custom edges for your lampshades or frames. Play with texture and colour to create interesting pieces. Discover our step by step guide for creating your own dappled light lampshade here, learn how to create a homemade lampshade using recycled fabric samples here, or for ideas to help you paint your own frames, click here.

We hope we’ve inspired you to ‘live on the edge’ when it comes to design! Share your schemes and creations with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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