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DIY lampshade

Design Threads: Revamp a Card Lampshade

Here is our step by step guide for creating your own dappled light lampshade…

What you need:

Single hole punch
Jute twine (optional)

Step 1: Source a card lampshade, old or new.

Step 2: Come up with a design and draw small dots with a pencil across the shade mapping out where to make your holes.

Step 3: Using a single hole punch and a maths compass carefully make holes in your shade following your pencil marks.

Be careful not to apply too much pressure and put your spare hand on the inside of the shade to protect it from ripping.

Step 4: To add texture and interest we decided to loop jute twine through the holes along the top and bottom edges. We recommend wrapping a little piece of Sellotape around the end of the string to help ease it through the holes.

Step 5: Pair it with a favourite lamp and enjoy how the dappled light twinkles through the holes to create a warm, atmospheric glow.

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