Introducing Ije Ene – An Artist Muse at Frieze Masters

Day to Day

Ije graciously hosted as maître d' to our Ham Yard Restaurant pop-up and we'd like to share the fashion pieces that Ije has crafted with fabrics from our Design Studio. Prepare to be dazzled!

As we shared last week, we were thrilled to be part of Frieze Masters 2023. Every detail from upholstery to tableware was thoughtfully curated to enhance this exceptional event. A fabulous addition to our week was the custom attires designed by our friend and colleague Ije Ene.

Ije graciously hosted as maître d’ to our Ham Yard Restaurant pop-up and we’d like to share the fashion pieces that Ije has crafted with fabrics from our Design Studio. Prepare to be dazzled!

Lovingly branded under the name Igbony, she has created a socially and environmentally conscious fashion brand. Igbony breathes new life into left-over fabrics, transforming them into the most exquisite pieces of wearable art. We gave Ije a selection of our Design Studio’s off-cut fabrics and the results left us in awe. Throughout the five day art fair, Ije gracefully donned a new bespoke creation and each outfit was a testament to her creativity and meticulous craftsmanship.

Thursday, October 12th

On Thursday, Ije graced the occasion in a flirty and flared mermaid-style dress with a halter-top. The halter was exquisitely detailed with the selvedge edge of the fabric bearing Kit Kemp’s logo with pride.

Wednesday, October 11th

To kick off the opening day of the fair, Ije utilised our Willow fabric design for Christopher Farr in a radiant shade of orange, fashioning a stunning corset top, paired with coordinating silk bottoms. Ije is pictured below with the crew ready to welcome the patrons of Frieze Masters.

Friday, October 13th

A purple power suit was adorned! Ije used our ‘Bookend’ fabric for Christopher Farr to accentuate the collar and seams of both the top and trousers.

Sunday, October 15th

For the final day of Frieze, Ije opted for a cool and casual A-line dress. This delightful creation also featured our Tea Trail fabric in the ‘Lemon’ colourway, complete with a delightful addition of pockets.

Saturday, October 14th

An off-the-shoulder golden showstopper was the highlight of a lively Saturday at Frieze Masters. A golden fabric plume crowned the straight-line bottom, crafted from the reverse side of our ‘Lemon’ Tea Trail fabric. Ije made an absolutely stunning statement with this.

Thank you Ije for infusing our Ham Yard pop-up with your extraordinary designs. Be sure to explore more of Ije’s remarkable creations on her website here:

We’re so proud to introduce you to Ije and her creations – a true testament to artistry and sustainability in fashion.