Celebrating Paper in Fashion & Design

Day to Day

We explore some examples of paper used in fashion and design...

We recently visited Generation Paper: A Fashion Phenom of the 1960sThis exhibition at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design is open until 27th August and explores the era’s short-lived phenomenon of paper fashion through more than 60 rare garments and accessories crafted from non-woven textiles.


Look around our hotels and you are sure to find papier-mâché, paper cut-outs and collages where the use of paper for art is the star of the show. Use layers to create a dynamic and detailed effect, such as these collages by Jo Waterhouse or our papier-mâché pooch by Justine Smith at Crosby Street Hotel…

…or keep it simple and clean like these paper cut outs from a recent residential project.


While we often use fabric lampshades to add extra pizazz to the room, you can often have the same effect with a variety of paper shades.

While paper as a material for fashion was short lived, we still love to use it in our interiors today. From walls and lighting to art and sculptures, it is a staple in many of our projects. Join us as we explore some examples…


Wallpaper has been around since the 16th century and it’s easy to see why. Whether the design is neutral, textured, or tells a story, wallpaper is versatile and can set the tone for your room. We’ve used this cheerful paper in a bathroom – the colours instantly brighten your mood!

Using a wallpaper with a scene of leafy trees or flowering vines can transform your room into a garden-like setting, as seen here in room 303 at Covent Garden Hotel.

We recently unveiled a new collection of wallpaper designs for Andrew Martin. Some are variations of our much-loved ‘Mythical Land’ wallpaper, whilst ‘Lantern Parade’ and ‘Songbird’ are captivating new designs that bring unfolding tales of their own. Explore our new creations here.

Wrapping Paper

We love nothing more than to give a gift in beautiful paper wrapping, so we created 2 papers with our Ozone design, available from Shop Kit Kemp. The cheerful pattern adds to any gift!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these examples of paper incorporated though fashion and design. For more creative ideas, see our blog post: Design Threads: Paper Cutting.

Why not get crafty and make your own paper lampshades at home? Find our step by step guide here.