A Celebration of Wicker

Day to Day

This ancient weaving technique always brings with it sense of craft and is a great way to introduce softness and layers to a space.

We love the texture and character that wicker furniture and accents can add to a room. Its gentle warp and weft brings with it sense of craft and it’s a great way to introduce softness and layers to a space in a way that doesn’t involve fabric.

Wicker is in fact one of the oldest techniques recorded in history and can be found in almost every culture from Ancient Egypt to Native America. The word itself, however, is thought to have come from Scandinavia, originating from the words wika which means to bend, and vikker, which means willow.

Referring to the method of weaving rather than any specific type of material, wicker can be made from any pliable material, from rattan, willow and cane through to plastic and synthetic resin. It’s amazingly versatile and, as such, encourages much creativity.

Discover some of the ways we’ve used wicker throughout our spaces.

In Barbados and on our rooftop terrace at Ham Yard Hotel, wicker furniture sets the tone for a relaxing visit. The soft earthy palette of the furniture works really well in an outdoor environment, and the movement of the weave pulls you in.

In both of these areas we have kept the cushions a natural color and added throw cushions and colourful rugs to brighten the scheme. You can shop our Annie Selke Outdoor collection here.

At the more practical end of the spectrum, a wicker basket is perfect for storing firewood, both sturdy and pleasing to look at, it’s a mainstay of any country home.

On our terraces, we often border the walls with rows of planters, livening the space and softening the city surroundings. To add an extra dimension, we had willow wicker boards made and attached to the face of the planter box, as seen at The Whitby Hotel above and at Ham Yard Hotel below. These add another natural element, making you feel like you’re in your own private garden in the midst of the buzzing city.

Last but by no means least, we have a Design Studio favourite – the wicker light. Look around our hotels and restaurants and you’re sure to find them on pendants, table lamps, sconces, and chandeliers. They add an element of fun and their natural colours work with any scheme.

Wicker baskets, while practical, can also be purely decorative. At The Whitby Bar in Manhattan we created an art installation by displaying them as a collection. Featuring 52 baskets, each one an example of a specific regional style from across the UK, they are a celebration of craftsmanship and rural life.