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Baskets of Britain

What do flower-sellers, fishwives and potatoes all have in common? Baskets!

At The Whitby Bar & Restaurant in New York, we placed a historic collection of baskets above the bar. There are 52 in total. They originate from different areas of England, Wales and Ireland, and every basket has a particular purpose. Each design has been put to work on a daily basis for hundreds of years and has never needed to change.

This collection all began with the Baskets of Britain project by The New Craftsmen. Now, it stands pride of place in our bustling Manhattan restaurant, a unique expression of British craft. Each basket explores different materials and weave structures, from coiled baskets made in the Shetlands to trugs from Sussex.

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Image 1: Eel Hive From Cambridgeshire Fens Image 2 - Flower Seller’s Basket From London
Image One - Northumbrian Fish Wife’s Creel From Northumbria Image Two - Sussex Trug From Sussex
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