Woven Landscapes: 6 Rugs Inspired by Nature

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Take a closer look at some of our favourite landscapes and the rugs here in our studio that remind us of them.

When not in the studio our team love nothing more than heading out to discover new and exciting places. While we draw inspiration from a rich variety of different things – artist’s studios, galleries, workshops, and books – nothing quite beats immersing yourself in nature. It’s a constant source of inspiration for us and its themes and motifs can be found woven into many of our designs.

These themes can be interpreted in a myriad of ways and sometimes it’s the unexpected echoes that are the most interesting. Follow along as we look at some of our favourite landscapes and the rugs here in our studio that remind us of them.


Tucked into one of the hottest places on earth sits the painted hills of the Artist Palette in Death Valley National Park. Iron compounds produce shades of red and pink and a blend of different minerals produce the wonderful turquoise green and lavender purple.

Our Safety Net Rug in Earth picks up the rich earthy tones that can be found in this truly remarkable site.

During the spring, Bavaria in Germany glows gold with fields of wild flowers and yellow crops such as rapeseed and wheat. It’s a sight that you can’t help but be cheered by!

These sunny views remind us of our Eternal Spring rug with its golden colours and folk-inspired floral patterns.

At peak bloom, the flowers are said to be seen from space!

Our Always Greener Rug in the Red colourway reminds us of the vibrant rows of tulips in the Netherlands, both featuring vivid red, pink, orange and yellow stripes.

Clinging to the dramatic Italian coastline, the villages of the Cinque Terre create a unique paradise hidden between mountains and sea. The colourful houses cascading down these hilled cities reflect into the sparkling sea and are surrounded by vineyards and olive trees.

Annie Selke’s Zig Zag rug, with its rust, olive and ochre tones reminds us of these romantic seaside villages. Its alternating ‘zigs and zags’ echo the rocky silhouette of this dramatic landscape.

Between the Andes and the Amazon, flows the Caño Cristales River or the River of Five Colours. The tides and changing seasons create the colours which grow between the rock formations resulting beautiful shades of violet, magenta and blue. A particular algae brought in by currents give yellow, green, red and black.

These distinctive shades can be found on our Lily Pad Rug. With its kinetic, retro inspired design, the shifting patterns tell the story of refracted light through the seasons.

Shifting to the dramatic landscapes of Alaska, we find a vast palette of white and blue, with rugged walls of rock, crisp snow-capped mountains and deep icy waters.

Our Tread Lightly rug echoes this glacial landscape, with its subtle variations of colour and light backdrop that creates breathing space on the floor.

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