Branching Out

Day to Day

Trees and specifically branches, create an organic element in a scheme that cannot be replicated. We're 'branching out' to share some examples of how we've incorporated these rustic elements into our designs...

Bringing a rustic touch to a scheme can add unexpected texture and a sense of authenticity. Trees and specifically branches, create an organic element that cannot be replicated. Branches, the limbs of a tree, often come with more meaningful connotations. An olive branch is recognised as one of the most common symbols of peace, dating back to Ancient Greece. It also symbolises inner peace and harmony. This week, we’re ‘branching out’ to share some examples of how we’ve incorporated these elements into our designs!

A whimsical orchard surrounds this bedroom at Charlotte Street Hotel. Here the walls are adorned with our Tall Trees wallpaper where branches overlap to create a cosy treetop retreat. This large scale mural decorates the space with birds, mythical creatures and hill tops.

Strong and steady branches make the base of this side table in our Drawing Room at Crosby Street Hotel. We recently explored how the base of your furniture will not only ground a space, but will also elevate and dictate the visual narrative. Visit our blog ‘All About That Base’ here.

As you can see branches can be celebrated in various ways. At home, a quick way to add texture to any space is to keep those extra branch clippings and place them in a vase with water. If they have fresh leaves, moss or buds – even better! They will last a while and even look great once dried. You’ll be reaching for the secateurs on the regular once you’ve tried it.

As branches grow in a winding path, let your own creativity take you away as you explore your own style. Always remember to take a moment to embrace the organic shapes of branches in your own spaces!

Earlier this year we celebrated a fresh new wallpaper. Our ‘Papillon’ design encompasses willow trees that dance with blooming powder-pink roses and burnt orange butterflies, against chalky teal skies. This large illustrative repeat, depicts that special time of day when the light changes and dusk sets. Nocturnal creatures begin to open their dewy eyes and evening magic is afoot. Explore the design further here.

When one uses the term ‘branching out’ it means starting something new or making a different approach. At our Design Studio we love to push boundaries and create spaces which are memorable and one-of-a-kind. Here at Number Sixteen, a chandelier made solely with branches takes centre stage in the Drawing Room. Often organic materials make the best art and should be celebrated as such.

With its contemporary branch motif, this bedroom’s headboard at Covent Garden Hotel creates a crowning moment in the tranquil space. The fabric features meandering paths of flowers, fruit and birds that perch effortlessly on branches.