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All About That Base

Like music, our interiors have many components. Furniture is essential for creating a sense of order, comfort and beauty. Furniture also creates an exciting opportunity to experiment with different arrangements and this all begins with the base. In music, ‘bass’ is a foundation that music can be built on and without it, a song feels empty and lacks depth. A similar rule applies to interior design! The base of your furniture will not only ground your space, it will also elevate and dictate the visual narrative. Join us as we share some examples around our hotels and recent projects.

At our recently completed commercial office project Richmond Buildings, this striking console table sits within the bright and vibrant ground floor entrance lobby. It anchors the space and immediately commands your attention, drawing the light to its curves from all angles. Its form effortlessly captures both strength and gentleness, reminding us that the two are inextricably connected. Art isn’t always for the walls and this sculptural base is a great example.

In the lobby at Knightsbridge Hotel, this table celebrates craftsmanship with its segments of layered granite. Each piece is like a vertebra of the spine and this sculptural delight proves that the base is everything.

At The Soho Hotel, this bench has a timber trunk base which intertwines in a harmonious organic rhythm. It cradles the seat, creating a sense of grounding and connection to nature. A sculptural delight that brings the outdoors in.

Our love for antiques is expressed throughout all of our interiors. An eclectic mix of old world charm and new world wonder is always a recipe for magic. In The Whitby Hotel’s Drawing Room we have sourced some whimsical delights. Here you will find table bases with birds carved from stone and timber. Gilded in gold, they are timeless pieces and bring a sense of charm to the space.

A contemporary take on the tapered leg base is the Liquid Moon Side Table by Dinosaur Designs. We’re constantly in awe of the versatility and ingenuity of these resin designs. Their sculptural table brings a touch of futurism in the Drawing Room at Ham Yard Hotel. It makes an exciting juxtaposition alongside the more traditional pieces in this space. You can also visit Dinosaur Designs at Ham Yard Village.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our celebration of bases and we hope we’ve inspired you to create your own harmonies and rhythms in your spaces.

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