Day to Day

Our love for orangeries is no secret and they can be seen at Ham Yard Hotel, The Whitby Hotel, Number Sixteen and our soon to open Warren Street Hotel. Join us as we explore their history and find out why an orangeries are a Firmdale favourite...

Orangeries date back to as early as the 17th century and were originally rooms or separate buildings on the grounds of a residence. They were built to protect fruit during the winter and provided a luxurious extension to the normal and seasonal range of fruits on offer as more exotic items could survive in their warm environment. The high cost of glass made orangeries a status symbol showing wealth and luxury. Over time and due to technological advancements, they became more of a classic architectural structure, attributing to the beauty of a garden rather than a place to protect plants and fruits. Today they are often used as elegant extensions which provide a light and bright space to a property. Our love for orangeries is no secret and they can be seen at Ham Yard Hotel, The Whitby Hotel, Number Sixteen and our soon to open Warren Street Hotel.

The Orangery at The Whitby Hotel was inspired by a Parisian brasserie and the vision was to create something grand, timeless and classic. However, as this hotel is located in Midtown, there was a desire to inject some quirkiness too. We added fun mixed metal parrots and toucans amongst the glass votives. You’ll also find collections of artworks such as Martha Freud’s ceramics which display New York landmarks, as well as framed antique meat platters. A lovely aspect of the hotel is that all of the public rooms interlink and daylight from the Orangery travels through all spaces.

Number Sixteen is home to a tranquil garden filled with beautiful greenery and trees. It is accessed through the window wall of the orangery which allows views going all the way to our gazebo at the end of the garden. Here you can eat, drink and relax in a light and uplifting environment. Fun bright colours complement the space, as do the pink walls which create a soft and warm terracotta glow.

You can also enjoy a spot of Afternoon Tea in the Orangery. Tuck-in to a delicious selection of tea sandwiches, savoury tarts and sweet treats as well as homemade scones and preserves. Served on Kit Kemp’s Mythical Creatures for Wedgwood china, it’s a delightful way to spend a summer’s afternoon.

We have often used orangeries in our residential projects too. For a project in the New Forest, we created this cosy and open dining space where there’s a smooth transition from the dining area into the garden. Outdoor elements have been brought inside such as the warm natural wood used for the high ceiling.

Whereas for this residential project, the windows, ceiling and floor have all been kept a soft white colour, creating an airy canvas. It allows the foliage of the garden to be framed and the colourful walls and fabrics become striking features. The foliage is also complemented by the chandelier with its dainty leaves.

Ham Yard Hotel’s orangery has a more organic approach in its design. With muted natural tones, raw features and textures can be seen with exposed brick, concrete and wooden carved sculptures. In this space you’ll also find plenty of plants which are complemented by white and green fabrics, creating a serene setting and a sense of being at one with nature.

As you can see, orangeries really are a Firmdale favourite and make the perfect space for entertaining and events. To book a special celebration click here, or drop by to one of our hotels and enjoy these relaxing spaces.