Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection

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With brighter days ahead, garden and outdoor areas command our attention. We'd like to introduce you to the indoor/outdoor rugs and cushions from our new Annie Selke collection - just in time for summer...

With brighter days ahead, garden and outdoor areas command our attention. These areas bring an entirely new opportunity to express colour, so this is something we took full advantage of when designing our collection for Annie Selke. We’d like to introduce you to the collection’s indoor/outdoor rugs and cushions – just in time for summer.

The collection has 15 rugs and 7 cushions that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are extremely versatile, durable, fade resistant and of course, pet-proof!

We have proudly combined our unique designs with innovative new materials. Each of these rugs are flat woven using P.E.T (polyethylene terephthalate) performance threads.

P.E.T is a non-chemically treated recycled polyester made from recycled plastic water bottles. Not only are the rugs environmentally friendly but they will also stand the test of time. How upsetting is it when a favourite rug fades and gets bleached by sun? This collection is the perfect solution to that. Even after the brute forces of winter, you’ll find these rugs as vibrant as ever. Unfortunately the same can’t always be said about our plants!

Less stiff than traditional woollen rugs, the tight weaves also allow greater flexibility, making these rugs easy to move between indoor and outdoor areas. They feel like cotton and wear like iron.

How to style outdoors: 

Place a rug on your patio, and use our matching cushions to bring together your sofa and chair sets. They can be used by the pool for sitting, instead of those sun-scorched paving stones. Or use them as a formal and more permanent picnic rug under a tree.

How to clean an indoor/outdoor rug: 

These P.E.T rugs are super easy to clean so they are perfect for high traffic areas. Simply take your rug outside or if you are in an apartment, take it to the bathroom and pop it in the shower. Scrub stains with an eco-friendly soap and a soft brush and then rinse with fresh water. Leave the rug to dry outside or propped up in your bathroom.

How to style indoors:

These rugs are ideal for any space, from children’s playrooms to dining rooms. They work especially well as runners down the middle of a staircase or a hallway as we have done here at The Soho Hotel.

Have you got an avenue or pathway in gravel that you find yourself hopping over? Why not lay the rugs as carpets or runners over that space. There are so many ways to play around with the new collection.

All bases are covered with this playful, witty workhorse of a rug. Shop the collection, available in the UK from Shop Kit Kemp and Andrew Martin, and in the US from Annie Selke. Whatever you do with your outdoor spaces this summer, we hope you’ll dive into colour, bright stripes and vibrant motifs!