Fly Me To The Moon

Day to Day

We're not afraid to admit that we enjoy a little escapism and today, we're going to fly you to the moon with some inspiring designs...

We’re not afraid to admit that we enjoy a little escapism and today, we’re going to fly you to the moon with some inspiring designs.

We begin our lift-off with Kit Kemp’s ‘Moondog’ fabric for Chelsea Textiles. This wondrous design encompasses a whimsical dog who is wishing upon a star. Set against a linen backdrop, as a new moon, a Hunter’s moon and an old moon all shine down upon him. In this bedroom at Rossferry, the headboard is upholstered in ‘Moondog’ with a hot pink background. The colour complements the blues of the tropical sea nearby and makes a sharp but playful impact.

Whilst the blue colourway offers a more subtle and cosy look, ‘Moondog’s’ detailed embroidery always adds an extra touch of texture and dimension.

We’ve also used ‘Over The Moon’ to upholster furniture and cover cushions. Seeing the design on textiles gives a fun element of surprise to any space.

To continue our adventure, we have Over The Moon by Kit Kemp for Andrew Martin which adorns the walls of the dressing room in The Suffolk Suite at Haymarket Hotel. We have used the ‘Denim’ colourway: Its deep navy blue background has painterly moons and speckled stars acting as polka dots. Look closer and you will see the kindly face of the moon on alternate lines looking back at you!

Now we’re getting closer to the moon with our ‘Rocket Lamp’. Available as a standing lamp or table lamp, the contemporary structure is made from acrylic in either red, blue or black. You can also complete the look by incorporating a playful lampshade. The ‘Rocket Lamp’ brings an injection of colour to any scheme and is available from Shop Kit Kemp.

As we fly through the stars, we start to think about The Soho Hotel. Here you will find yourself gazing at the twinkling lights above the hotels’ entrance.

You’ll also want to look up at the stars in Palette, a brand new restaurant designed by Kit Kemp at Bergdorf Goodman. Here a blue sky background is adorned with golden stars.

It’s time to return to planet Earth and we touch-down at The Whitby Hotel, where spectacular colours and captivating art reminds us that there’s no place like home!

Space travel is thirsty work, so we raise a toast with Sir Richard Branson. Our expert mixologists at The Whitby Bar have created a cocktail in honour of him. ‘Virgin Galactic’ is a classic aviator cocktail with a twist. To infinity and beyond!

Our bathroom designed for C.P Hart‘s Waterloo showroom brings an alternative example. With stars and moons embedded into the floor’s marble tiles, their soft glows encourage you to relax and dream about sprawling galaxies, far, far away.

The starry sky is accompanied by our ‘Rockin’ Robin’ lamps for Porta Romana which hang from an elevated soffit in the ceiling.