A Room For Every Sense

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The emotions that design can evoke are limitless. When making design choices, it's important to consider all of our natural senses. From touch to taste we'd like to share some examples for how we've created a room for every sense...

The emotions that design can evoke are limitless. When making design choices, it’s important to consider all of our natural senses. From touch to taste we’d like to share some examples for how we’ve created a room for every sense.


Touch is thought to be the first sense that humans develop. When scheming for a room, we always want to make sure the fabrics feel right.

In room 215 at Covent Garden Hotel we have created an appliqué headboard in bold colours. When looking at its details, you notice the intricacies of the stitched-down pieces. This use of texture adds an extra layer of dimension and depth to a room and always makes a space feel unique and special.


Most of us will agree that one of the best pleasures in life is gathering around a table for food or drinks with our closest friends and loved ones. Whether inside or outside, we want the space to bring comfort and cosiness, so that taste becomes the real protagonist.

The Orangery at The Whitby Hotel is rich, colourful and airy. Doors open out to a small courtyard, which is perfect for an intimate dinner or private celebration.


Smell can trigger memories from the past and transport us to our favourite places without necessarily being there. Smell is as important as any other sense when creating a space. It will help to set a welcoming and serene atmosphere.

At Ham Yard Hotel, the Soholistic Spa is a peaceful place where RIKRAK fragrances encourage you to relax. Designed in neutral tones, it has touches of warm reds that dress the walls and decorate the pillars.

We have used Kit Kemp’s One Way design for the walls and the nail bar armchairs are upholstered in her Ikat weave. Both from the collaboration with Christopher Farr Cloth. It doesn’t feel like your typical everyday salon!

As for the sofa, we’ve used a harder wearing fabric in our Ikat Weave that’s comfortable and durable. These Min’s Tub chairs are upholstered with wool and this makes the room feel homely. The texture of a wall is equally important and here the linen walls transmit further warmth and make this a very relaxing space to be.


Sight allows us to appreciate colours, shapes, lines and patterns. Our work at Kit Kemp Design Studio is characterised by a great use of colour and combinations. The Lobby at The Whitby Hotel is full of visual details to explore and as you walk through, an explosion of artwork and installations become candy for the eyes!


Could you live without music? The Croc Bowling Alley is set for sound and our uplifting design makes this environment a very social place to be. In the reception area you’re met with a display of vintage bowling shoes and as you move through the space, back-lit bowling balls and bowling pin lamps sit alongside two large-scale Howard Hodgkin artworks. On the dance floor there are three driftwood crocodiles on the wall. They make great company as you show off your best dance moves!

We hope you have enjoyed exploring how our natural senses translate to design and the importance of this when creating a space. We’d love to know how you use design to speak to the senses and evoke emotions. Share your designs with us at #KitKempDesignThread