The Christmas Spirit

Day to Day

The festive season is upon us with glorious Christmas lights, sensational trees, marvelous wreaths and more...

The festive season is upon us with glorious Christmas lights, sensational trees, marvellous wreaths and more! We love this time of year when our hotels are at their most beautiful, ready to welcome our guests, and give them the best Christmas in a home away from home.

We’ve put together some Do’s and Don’ts to help you with the festive spirit.

1. Do think about all the senses

While Christmas is predominantly a visual experience, you can easily bring all the senses to the party! For fragrant centrepieces opt for pine or cypress combined with citrus branches that evoke memories of past Christmases. For a cosy feel, light up a luscious scented candle, spice up some mulled wine and settle into a warm comfortable armchair!

2. Don’t be afraid of excess

Christmas is all about abundance; plenty of food, plenty or gifts, plenty of decor. Dress your tree in array of beautiful ornaments making sure to always add one more than enough! Space them out proportionally on all sides and all the way up the top. Find a star that sparks an element of surprise and awe. Take inspiration from our magnificent tree at Ham Yard Hotel.

Use decorative ribbons on your balustrades, and don’t forget to put a wreath on your front door. Finish off the decorations with a selection of fun stockings from Shop Kit Kemp over the mantelpiece.

Create your own heirlooms by making your own decorations for the tree. They are wonderful memories to hang every year, especially if they are made by members of the family.

3. Do make your own traditions

Nothing says Christmas more than the rituals. Share the love and joy with your loved ones by making your own traditions. Have a dinner on the eve or a lunch on Christmas day! When in town for the Boxing Day sales, pop into Covent Garden Hotel for a spot of tea beside the fire in Tiffany’s Library.

If like us, you prefer the sunshine, migrate to warmer climates and never look back! Choose fish over turkey and a view of the ocean!

5. Don’t wait too late to fill your Christmas stockings

Take a look at my gift guide for the Telegraph for last minute ideas and suggestions for the interiors and craft lover in your life. CLICK HERE.

4. Do decorate sustainably

While nothing beats the smell and touch of a real Christmas tree, invest in good alternatives that can be used every year. We made sure to source sustainable decorations that we carefully store when not in use.