One Year of Design Thread – Our Top Posts

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It's been one year since the launch of our blog, and what an action packed year it's been. Here are a few of our favourite posts from the past year...

It’s been one year since the launch of our blog, and what an action packed year it’s been. Here are a few of our favourite posts from the past year:

1. The Loft at Bergdorf Goodman

In April, we revealed my collaboration in the loft space at Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue in New York. Take a look at the end result and a few of my highlights…

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2. The Caribbean Suite for Turnell & Gigon

Last year, we created a pop-up ‘Caribbean Suite’ in Turnell & Gigon’s Chelsea Harbour showroom in time for Focus/18, part of the London Design Festival.

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4. Dream Worthy Beds

A canopy bed is always a great way to add a sense of romance and drama to a scheme. One of our favourite forms of canopy bed is a half tester. Unlike a traditional four-poster canopy, a half tester is only attached to the headboard. It creates the same opulent feeling of a four poster bed, while offering a more contemporary solution which creates a greater feeling of space. Here are a few of our favourites.

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3. The Shepherd’s Hut

Nestled in a secluded corner of our garden, under a thick thatched roof is my Shepherd’s Hut. I asked the local forester, John Harman, to add its characterful thatched roof. The hut had been perched in a local garden when we found it, looking a little unloved, now it’s the perfect retreat to hide with pencil and paper to work on the next new idea.

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5. A Living Room

When designing a living room, the first step is to figure out what the focal point is going to be, whether it’s a fireplace, a piece of art or a great view. Choosing your focal point will help you to decide where to centre your seating area. Here are some of our top tips to create a harmonious living room.

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7. Design Details: Sleepy Head

With eight hotels in London and two in New York, you can imagine how many bed cushions we have designed in our time. The trick is to be creative; there are so many stunning fabrics out there to choose from. Read on to discover some of our favourite cushion designs.

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6. Meet the Maker: Molly Mahon

Molly Mahon has set up a successful small business practicing the craft that she loves, block printing. Block printing is the ancient Indian method of printing with intricately hand carved wooden blocks. Molly creates beautiful, original fabrics and wallpapers which we often use in our schemes at Firmdale Hotels. As fellow lovers of craft we spoke to Molly about her design inspirations.

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8. Exquisite Embroidery

I always cherish intricately embroidered fabrics, from tapestries to rugs and embellished felts – I love the way textiles so often tell a story in their exquisite craftsmanship. We love layering textures to make our designs come alive, especially beautifully hand-embroidered textiles. We use them everywhere, and nowhere more so than The Whitby Suite at The Whitby Hotel in New York.

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9. A Love of Books

Despite living in this digital age of iPads and Kindles, nothing compares to the romantic experience of flicking through real pages and the familiar old age smell of a book. My very favourite rooms are always libraries where books look so comforting upon the walls, making a room feel like a home.

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10: Out & About: An Evening at Charleston

We’d do anything for our favourite book shop, Much Ado Books in Alfriston, so when the owners Cate and Nash invited me to speak at Charleston house in East Sussex last summer, I jumped at the opportunity.

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