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Behind the Scenes – The Loft at Bergdorf Goodman

This week we have been installing my collaboration in the loft space at Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue in New York. It’s been a busy week but it’s all come together. Take a look at the end result and a few of my highlights…

A number of my fabric designs have been translated into limited edition cushions, napkins, woven throws and bed spreads. We have appliquéd and hand sewn vintage kimonos to create one-off pieces including our signature headboards and these lovely cushions. Each headboard features a mythical creature that inhabits an enchanting landscape – the Unicorn, Mr. Gherkin and the Flying Antelope!

We also designed comfortable sofas and armchairs, including the Willow Sofa and Leo Armchair, with handy details like little pockets for your newspapers or reading glasses. Both are also available on Shop Kit Kemp.

I had a lot of fun curating a selection of one-of-a-kind artworks and found items, including painted plates, collages and sculptures.

In the dining room you will see ‘The Last Summer’, a magical painting by one of my favourite artists, Ramiro Fernandez Saus. The naivety of his works captures dreamlike scenes, depicting summer memories from the Hamptons.

For the loft space we have specially commissioned items including a decorative bench with a hand painted bench cushion, more whimsical fresco secco panels and some beautiful chests, including a glorious Unicorn blanket box.

Hanging from the ceiling is a wonderfully kinetic ‘Calder-esque’ mobile sculpture. It is made up of elements in hand built stoneware ceramic and hand fused glass on a frame of painted steel. The idea behind this work is to inspire a sense of calm and playful entertainment as it gently twists and turns, interacting with the light in the space.

Afternoon tea in BG restaurant will also be served on Sailor’s Farewell, my latest collection of fine bone china for Wedgwood, right up until US Mother’s Day on May 12.

The Loft is now open to the public, so come by for an afternoon tea and take a look for yourself or if you can’t it make to New York, visit Shop Kit Kemp.

APRIL 19 – AUGUST 12 2019

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