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An Ode to Hand Painting

We say that ‘every room tells a story’. A key part of a room’s narrative is the characteristic charm of hand painting. Hand painting came about 42,000 years ago when nomads made paintings in caves with charcoal and their hands. Join us as we pay homage to this wonderful craft.

Hand painted frames can be found throughout our spaces. These frames are an art form themselves. The frame’s painted patterns can have intricate details around the edges to create a fun design. Find our blog post: Funky Frames – Fun Ways to Elevate Your Art for more ideas.

Looking at the details of inspirational interiors such as those by The Bloomsbury Group, we find many hand painted details that bring enormous amounts of personality. Take a paint brush to your fireplace or even a large treasure box, which can be used as a coffee table. Maybe even go big and paint your walls including the ceiling! Find our tips for ‘How to Create a Bloomsbury Inspired Interior’ here.

The Studio by Tony Tree

Old American folk art inspired the hand painted designs for our Shepherd’s hut project. Explore the space further here.

Incorporating hand painted antiques can also make a statement. We adore hand painted Swedish antiques such as this cabinet here in The Whitby Suite at The Whitby Hotel.

Hand painting does not have to be done on a large scale to have an impact. Paint your side tables, candle sticks and decorative objects!

Painted lampshades and lamps always brighten up a room. As part of our Creative Workshops, we’ll be welcoming decorative artist Tess Newall to Haymarket Hotel on March 17th. During this special workshop you will be given your own handmade card lampshade to paint and take home. We’d love you to join us!

We hope our ‘Ode to Hand Painting’ has inspired you to get creative! Share your hand painted work with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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