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An Exterior’s First Impression

We all know the importance of creating a good first impression. At our Design Studio, the same rule applies to buildings. A connection between the interior and exterior of a project is significant and we’d like to share some examples from New York to London.

Crosby Street Hotel was our first hotel in New York. We wanted to bring the best of London to Manhattan, transporting signature elements from our London hotels. Neighbourhoods are important to us and buildings should encompass their surroundings. Crosby Street Hotel is located in the renowned SoHo district. Home to some of the world’s finest cast-iron buildings, this greatly inspired the design of the façade. We divided Crosby Street Hotel’s exterior into three parts: A limestone two-story base, brick upper floors and our signature oversized, steel-framed windows. This sleek and simple exterior gives an impression that the building has always been there. The building was also given a Certified LEED GOLD (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) award by the U.S. Green Building Council. Standing proudly outside, you’ll find a Botero sculpture. Similar to our Botero sculptures at The Soho Hotel and Charlotte Street Hotel, ‘Crosby the Cat’ welcomes guests and is our gift to the city.

Located in Midtown, The Whitby Hotel has elements which pay homage to the nearby Fifth Avenue. Here you’ll find a limestone façade and huge steel-framed windows which bring an abundance of natural light into the hotel. We gave the building setback windows to mellow its appearance and the tapered height allows sunlight into the streets below. An entrance canopy of steel and glass gives a sophisticated impression and doesn’t go unappreciated when New York brings a rainy day.

We are soon to be opening a third hotel in New York at Warren Street. Situated in the heart of Tribeca, the area is known for its lively and vibrant atmosphere. We wanted this to resonate through a playful and colourful façade. Here at Warren Street Hotel, you’ll find an exterior which complements the bright and vibrant interiors that we’re known for, whilst exposed bolts of steel play homage to the area’s industrial past.

An artist's impression of Warren Street Hotel

We recently shared a first look at our latest project, Richmond Buildings. Adjacent to The Soho Hotel, this is an office building that we designed from the ground up. We originally considered using ‘COR-TEN’ steel for the building’s façade. This is the same material used for Antony Gormley’s ‘Angel of the North’ sculpture and although we love its rust-like effect, the material would be too dark for the narrow streets of Soho. Instead green ceramic adorns the façade of the building, reflecting light from above and bringing a sense of freshness to Richmond Mews and The Soho Hotel. The material is easy to clean and also pigeon-proof. An important consideration for all central London exteriors!

We hope you’ve enjoyed hopping from New York to London to explore our exterior designs. Find our blog post Inside Out: Interior Tips for Exterior Bits and remember, an exterior’s first impression always counts!

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