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Out and About: Wormwood Stubbs – Just Mulling Things Over

‘Paint, eat, sleep, repeat’. That is how artist Wormwood Stubbs defines his life. With a strong interest in art from a young age, Wormwood Stubbs developed a career in signwriting. This was until the digital world took over and he had to put his professional attention into something else. With the sudden loss of his wife at only 50 years old, artist Wormwood Stubbs re-focused into what he loved the most: painting. He sold his business and set up a studio at home. His work has been displayed in an exhibition currently taking place at Panter & Hall in Covent Garden. With a natural sentiment of grief and nostalgia towards his wife’s death, his work poetically evokes a feeling of warmth and empathy. Each of his works tell a story. They are full of details and symbolism which keeps the viewer’s attention and interaction with the artwork. The painting below is called ‘Without U’ – A metaphor to the absence of his wife through the literal lack of the letter ‘U’ in both the typewriter and poem.

His style is defined by strong graphic elements in a pop art style. Less reliant on perfection and straight lines or a precise perspective, his particular use of brush strokes and strong colours set the tone and voice to a unique style.

Wormwood’s inspiration directly comes from artists such as Alfred Wallis, Gerard Dillon, Simon Quadrat and Van Gogh. In a 2D painting, his particular brush stroke and carefully crafted lettering adds texture, movement and depth, creating a 3D effect in each of his paintings.

With a characteristic sense of humour, Wormwood’s real aim is to create paintings with narrative and meaning, connecting with the viewer on an emotional level.

Wormwood’s paintings are full of patterns and the sentimental thread of references to his late beloved wife.

Thank you for exploring these poignant and truly unique works with us. We love how art has the power to heal and release with Wormwood’s work being a perfect example…

“Just Mulling Things Over is a collection of paintings in which I bare my soul somewhat. An emotional release if you will. Painted with total honesty. No suppression, no sugar-coating, no hiding place. But, it’s also important to say, no self-pity, no woe is me and no looking for sympathy. Horrible things happen. It’s part of life. I’m lucky. Painting offers me both a release and a purpose.” -Wormwood Stubbs

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