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World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day falls on the 21st March each year and is a day to celebrate linguistic expression and identity. Poetry has been practised throughout history in every culture and in all corners of the world. It has often been a powerful catalyst in bringing people together as it has the great ability to speak to our shared values.

Although not always obvious, you will find poetry and famous sayings hidden throughout our hotels. In both London and New York we have some of Martha Freud’s handmade ceramic pots on display. In The Potting Shed at Dorset Square Hotel there are 192 hand-etched pots which gently glow and illuminate cricketing sayings. Some of our favourites include ‘how to cure a cricketer’s red nose, drink ’til it’s purple’, and of course, Richard Bernard’s famous quote, ‘that’s a contradiction in terms’. These small details pay homage to the hotel’s cricketing lineage as the site of the original Lord’s cricket ground. On her own collection of pots, Martha often puts references to song lyrics, a catchphrase, expressions and ruminations – all very poetic in their nature!

We are by no means a Chaucer or an Edgar Allen Poe but, we thought we would have a go at some linguistic expression of our own. Below is our ode to Kit Kemp Design Studio and Firmdale Hotels…

In the pockets of cities
Tucked safely away
The most joyful
Interiors are on display.

In London they started
But soon off they darted
And hopped across the pond
To New York and beyond.

From wallpaper and rugs
To sofas and tableware
From fragrance to fabrics
Designed with the utmost care.

To step foot in these spaces
Is a creative delight
The patterns and textures
Stylish, warm and bright.

And what’s more, behind
This triumph of design
Is a family run business
A close-knit hive mind.

From Willow Bear
To Min’s Tub Chair
The names are close to the heart
As is folk art.

So bask in the colours
And admire the ornate
Dip in when you can
To the spaces we create.

L: Min's Tub Chair, C: Left to Right - Minnie Kemp, Kit Kemp, Willow Kemp, R: Willow Bear

We hope you feel inspired to have a go at writing a poem of your own!

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