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Wonderful Weaves

To us, the best interiors are those which infuse different textures and unexpected details within the room. Layering materials is one of the most important parts of our design process. One of the key materials in a room scheme is a weave. Often rich with natural imperfections, a weave subtly lends depth with its raised, textured surfaces. It’s these tactile qualities that capture the senses and make a room pop!

Not only do weaves look fabulous, they are also incredibly durable which is great when designing hotels. Join us as we take you through our favourite weaves…

Andrew Martin – Pampas

Pampas is a joyful design which incorporates geometric motifs into its chunky stripes, drawing upon traditional Andean fabrics for inspiration. In a vibrant and lively colourway combining vibrant orange and pink, this fabric feels delightfully playful with a wonderful tactile finish. We recently used Pampas on a little tub chair for a child’s bedroom scheme.

Pierre Frey – Arsene

Arsene is one of our all-time favourite fabrics. It is a beautiful linen weave which has a fluffy finish, making it very comfortable. The marled irregular appearance of the yarn gives it a vintage look which we just adore. We have used this weave in many of our rooms and public areas as it is durable and looks amazing upholstered. In room 1202 at The Whitby Hotel, we have used two different colourways for the armchairs.

Kit Kemp for Christopher Farr – Woven Ribbon

Woven Ribbon is one of our fabric designs for Christopher Farr. It was inspired by the nomadic blankets used for centuries around the world, from the Middle East to North America. It is a play of colour and pattern with a mixture of yarn, cotton, wool and alpaca. The mix of threads makes this fabric perfect for upholstery. It is strong and durable, yet interesting and elegant. In room 205 at Crosby Street Hotel, the Aqua colourway has been upholstered onto the sofa adding rich texture.

We hope this blog post inspires you to incorporate weave into your schemes. The interwoven threads add texture and bring extra dimension and depth to a room, whilst also being long lasting. For more explorations, see also our blog post ‘Ikat Weave’ here.

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