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The Charm of The Crosby Street Hotel’s Window Cushions

Within the busy cityscape of New York, the Crosby Street Hotel offers a place for guests to unwind above the bustle of the SoHo streets. Watching the world go by from the window is a small pleasure that we love to indulge and we do this at Crosby Street Hotel with our fabulous window cushions.

The cushions are more than just a soft space to sit but are a joyful way to add texture, pattern and colour to a room. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite designs below:

The cushions make a brilliant canvas for a fun fabric. In one of our suites at the Crosby Street Hotel we have used a fabric we created for Christopher Farr called ‘Live it Up’. The subtle stripe adds a fun pop of colour to the room, while also bringing warmth and homeliness to the space. Guests are invited to unwind and experience a moment of relaxation.

Buttons are a small detail, but they make a big impact, refining the design and adding dimension to the surface.

In another suite, we have used a brightly colored linen. The lively fabric accentuates the dark blue buttons drawing you towards the window and inviting you to sink into the cushion where you can enjoy a cup of tea, read a book or look over the scenic views of the city.

We love adding piping to our window cushions to create a bold contrast, which accentuates the shape of the cushion. Below, we’ve used a fun yellow leather piping, which references the dashes of yellow that can be found throughout this space.

When it comes to considering curtains as part of the mix, we like to use different fabrics so that the window cushion has a character of its own. In one of our suites, we’ve used the fabric ‘Mad Hatter’ in Turkish Blue by Holland & Sherry, which sits cheerfully next to the red curtains.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get creative with your windows and perhaps add a window cushion or two.

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