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Walk this Way: The Artful Use of Arrows in Interiors

“Walk this Way” as we explore the artful use of arrows in our interiors, gently guiding you through a space. Whether leading you left or prompting a right turn, these subtle navigational cues shape your journey and invite you to experience what lies ahead.

Painted Hands

Exit the lift at Covent Garden Hotel, and a hand delicately painted gestures your next move, offering a warm welcome and a nod to traditional sign painting.

Columns and pillars

Boldly painted columns in The Whitby Hotel lobby seamlessly guide you to the reception desk and drawing room.

Lift indicators

A beloved feature of our New York hotels is the elevator level indicator. An ode to the decorative and traditional cast bronze level indicator, this quietly moving arrow gracefully lets you know how long your wait for the lift will be!

One Way Fabric

This non-directional arrow is one of our favourites. Our graphic One Way fabric in collaboration with Christopher Farr is sure to make a statement. Applied to the walls it heightens the room, lending depth to the space with its diagonal arrow shaped pattern repeat.

Neon signs

Discover the vibrant Dive Bar at Ham Yard Hotel, where neon signage lights up the lower level, almost insisting that you ‘Sit Here’ and enjoy a cocktail.

We hope you have enjoyed this wandering journey through the subtle art of wayfinding!

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