Carla Kranendonk at The Soho Hotel


Reclining on a background of vibrant patterns bursting from the canvas, Carla Kranendonk's 'Seated Woman in White Dress' is a mesmerising combination of vivid brushwork, glittering treasures and expressions of femininity. Kit and Willow Kemp celebrate the work of this talented mixed media artist in this video from 'The Firmdale Art Collection'.

“What’s so clever about this piece is the layering. She embellishes the painting with bead work with stitch work around here. And she really understands textiles and patterns and the repeat.” Willow Kemp


Kit Kemp’s passion for art is celebrated throughout her award-winning interiors. Each piece, whether by established artists or up-and-coming students, has been carefully selected and woven into the heart of her designs. In this exclusive series of short films, Kit and Willow Kemp take you on a journey through some of the most inspiring pieces from Kit’s personally curated art collection throughout her London hotels.