Calder and Furstova at Ham Yard Hotel


Uncover two remarkable works of art in this guided journey of Kit Kemp's personally curated collection. Hear from Kit and Willow Kemp about the graphic and poetic work of Mila Furstova, alongside Alexander Calder's sisal creation that was a lifeline to Nicaraguan villagers in the 1970s.

“Suddenly this is a space that you want to stand in. It’s a space that you want to dream in. It’s a space that can actually inspire you. And that’s what we’ve tried to achieve.” Kit Kemp

Kit Kemp’s passion for art is celebrated throughout her award-winning interiors. Each piece, whether by established artists or up-and-coming students, has been carefully selected and woven into the heart of her designs. In this exclusive series of short films, Kit and Willow Kemp take you on a journey through some of the most inspiring pieces from Kit’s personally curated art collection throughout her London hotels.